Imaginarium is a Movement

Social entrepreneur, Leila Janah, profoundly asserted that “talent is distributed evenly, yet opportunity is not.” This is especially true in the entertainment industry where people of color are often marginalized, intentionally under-resourced and all too often overly-dependent on others to tell our stories.

The Imaginarium is a movement designed to provide a platform for emerging creatives, technicians and funders to network, strategize and celebrate the power and beauty of our gifts in an authentically organic and culturally significant moment.

We are dedicated to empowering independent artists and showcasing faith-based, inspirational quality film and television content. The festival will attract a broad audience of A-list talent, emerging artists, upscale consumers, and industry stakeholders. We are curating independent film screenings, master classes, expert panels, live entertainment, and a variety of networking events designed to shift, lift and inspire you to take your artistry to the next level.

The two-day festival will pay homage to the legends of Black film and television while showcasing the next generation of changemakers, influencers and narrators of the Black experience. The Imaginarium is a gamechanger – connecting the best and the brightest creatives with the ultimate anchor of our community – the church. Not only are ALL gifts welcome, YOUR gift is necessary as we endeavor to expand the kingdom and liberate our souls AND minds by amplifying the most dynamic voices within our culture.

Dr. Jamal Bryant 

Ever since Gone with the wind it has become apparent that films influence culture. If the church is to be relevant we must move from being a silent picture show to high definition in its expression to reach this present age. The Imaginarium is a film festival of radical approach that endeavors to illuminate the arts to inspire the spirit. On the grounds of New Birth Church in Stonecrest Georgia filmmakers, artisans and creatives will converge to model empowerment that’s laced with entertainment. To call this an event would minimize the outcome…Imaginarium is a movement that will change the world! 


6400 Woodrow Rd,

Lithonia, GA 30038
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Open Hours

Monday – Friday: 10am – 5pm
Weekends: 10am – 9pm
Holidays: Closed